I have always been fascinated by people who write in journals, blog on websites or even keep a handy dandy notebook to jot things down. I have tried all these things (but blogging) and something about it just does not work for me. It feels like an extra responsibility, I even have a hard time using an agenda! It is almost like keeping track of a baby (PANIC PANIC PANIC) which is just too much for me to handle right now.

But what about blogging?! I have subscribed to some blogs, but I have never considered starting my own (until now). I don’t expect to have many followers, this is really for my own reference. One disclaimer, I do have a reservation with “blogging”. When you blog you have to censor what you say. If you know me or have ever been around me, you will know that being “politically correct” is a struggle for me. However, Christ has been working on me and all the posts on this blog will definitely come from a heart of LOVE!

There is no direction for this blog. Whatever is on my mind at the time I feel like writing, is what I will post. Past, Present and/or Future. I specialize in being random and I am more than sure this blog will reflect its creator.

Peace and Blessings,